A Very Merry Un-Gala Gala!

Join us on an adventure through the looking glass to the enchanted world of Wonderland — where up is down and down is up. Where flowers talk back and teacups sneak up on you.

Be entranced during this evening of adventure and delight, as you dance with chess pieces, pose (for selfies) with posies, and hug hedge sculptures.


Follow the White Rabbit as you traverse through Alice’s Wonderland, meeting your favorite characters along the way.

Jump Down the Rabbit Hole With Us

On November 8, the Gaylord Palms will be transformed into Wonderland for your Very Merry Un-Gala Gala experience. Reveal what you can expect by hovering over the map.

  • Hall of Curiosities

    Begin your journey to Wonderland in the Hall of Curiosities. As the walls narrow, don't be surprised by the curious collection of libations and sweets that appear before you. When you get to the end – will you take directions from the Mad Hatter or choose your own adventure?

  • Caterpillar's Lounge

    As you stroll to the dark part of the woods, you'll enter the Caterpillar's Lounge. As you lounge on the plush furniture and drink in the psychedelic colors, this smoky dream-like abode will make you question why you'd ever want to leave.

  • Spill the Tea Party

    Quench your thirst for celebration at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Tables with peculiar furnishings float on water as oversized lanterns flow overhead. You never know who will show up to spill the tea in this glowing, topsy-turvy oasis.

  • White Queen's Castle

    High above Wonderland, the White Queen welcomes you to her airy, decadent domain. Take a break from the frenzied energy of Wonderland in this retreat fit for royalty.

  • Red Queen's Croquet Court

    The Red Queen towers over her court, commanding you to eat, drink, and be merry as you explore. Pluck a freshly painted flower to look the part, but watch out, you never know when a shrub might come to life and ask for a dance.

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    Welcome to a Very Merry Un-Gala Gala. Follow the Hall of Curiosities to begin your enchanted adventure in Wonderland.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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