PointClickCare Market Overviews: What’s Happening in Your Market?

SUMMIT 2018 Market Overview
Posted November 7th, 2018

Throughout SUMMIT we held sessions on each senior-care market.

Here are some highlights from each of our Market Overview presentations. If you attended SUMMIT, please be sure you sign up for Pulse, where we will be hosting all of the presentations.

1. Skilled Nursing
Presented by: Russ DePriest, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Skilled Nursing

PDPM is happening now and facilities need to have a strategy. We have the tools you need to transition and thrive under this new payment model.

Insights and Analytics
Spend less time figuring out what’s happening with a resident, and more time planning what to do about it. How we’re helping you do that:

Enhanced Reporting: From November 2018 to April 2019, we’re creating enhancements that will take you from easily discovering new and existing reports and their capabilities to building your own enterprise reports.

Bridging the gap for LTPAC : An optimized data exchange helps locate and transition your patients while data-driven insights help you sync and visualize your data.

Value Programs: A combination of products and services that targets a specific market problem and promises measurable performance improvement to customers who subscribe and follow its rules of participation.

2. Senior Living
Presented by: Travis Palmquist, Vice President & General Manager, Senior Living

Market Dynamics and Trends
The drivers impacting Senior Living: Increased competition in the market (more supply than demand), staffing challenges, enhanced compliance requirements, and aging-in-place communities.

Senior Living Operational Initiatives:
-Attract and retain talent
-Engage and empower your talent to create a community where people love to work.
-Enhance the Resident Experience
-Make residents feel like this community is their home. Provide services they can’t get at home.
-Improve Financial Health
-Increase revenue and profitability per resident. Be the target customer’s first choice and improve occupancy levels.
-Ensure Safety and Compliance
-Provide peace of mind for residents and families and reduce liability.

At PointClickCare we’re listening to what you want and have made improvements to items like CRM, Document Manager, improved occupancy tracking and reporting, statement presentation and export enhancements, and billing and collections enhancements. One of the items we are most invested in for 2019 is medication management.

Sneak Peek: Exciting things to look forward to in 2019
• Companion – We’ve partnered with Apple to combine all the workflows for you. Our goal is to leverage technology in a meaningful way to improve the way you work.

• Enhanced Reporting – Easily discover new and existing reports and their capabilities. Data is the new oil. There is a lot of data out there and it is the future.

3. Home Care
Presented by: Mark Tomzak, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Home Care and Joel Bensel, Director, Product Management<

• No one wants to have health problems, and no one wants to go into a nursing home, but everyone wants the best quality of care.
• A greater range of services such as IV and infusions, catheter care, wound care, rehabilitation/therapy, and chronic-disease care enables more people to stay home.
• Twenty million people in the U.S. are 75-years-of-age or older and most want to age in place.
• Home health is the largest provider of long-term care. Nine million people received long-term care in 2014 and 1.3 million more people will need home-health services by 2025.
• Payment reform and changing regulations strain your business. There were $180 million CMS reductions in payments to HHAs in 2017.
• More people to take care of but fewer people to do it and shortage of qualified staff and high turnover restricts growth. Fifty-nine percent of visiting nursing services have to turn down client referrals due to lack of staff.
• Home care patients are visited by a nurse nine-12 times over a 60-day episode, but the question then becomes, how do you care for them in between?

The future success of home health depends on:
-Attracting and retaining the best talent
-Delivering high quality clinical outcomes
-Maintaining compliance
-Sustaining financial strength

PointClickCare Remote Care helps clients adhere to their care plan and stay healthier. Learn more about our home care solutions here.

To see the full presentations, sign up now for Pulse where they will be posted after SUMMIT.


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