Introducing The PointClickCare Value Programs

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Posted November 12th, 2018

What is a value program?
Simply put, The PointClickCare Value Programs are about putting value first. They help you understand the overall market drivers and organizational goals while creating strategies to reach your goals by uncovering and eliminating obstacles.

Last week at SUMMIT, we hosted presentations on three different industry obstacles that our Value Programs solve:

1. Controlling your DSOs to Ensure Your Financial Health
Are you experiencing higher-than-desired or increasing Days Sales Outstanding? Claim rejections? Or a slow cash flow? Accurately billing for services provided, and collecting payment in a timely fashion, continues to be a challenge for many providers, and particularly for Medicare Advantage plans. With our Revenue Cycle Performance Value Program, we can help long-term care providers achieve or maintain financial health by aligning people, processes, and tools — driving the costs out of healthcare. We can also promise that if you subscribe to and follow this program, your revenue-cycle performance will measurably improve within the first six months.

2. Readmission Value Program
About 1 in 4 Medicare beneficiaries discharged from an acute care hospital is admitted to a skilled nursing facility and 1 in 4 will be readmitted within 30 days. The objectives of this program are to reduce 30-day readmission rates, limit penalties and improve incentives related to readmission, maintain and improve your network partnerships, and provide the best care and outcomes possible for all your residents. If you follow this program, we guarantee your Return-to-Hospital rate will decrease measurably within six months.

3. Service Optimization Program for Senior Living
Attract and retain talent, enhance the resident experience, ensure community safety and compliance, and financial health in order to make Senior Living communities a place where people want to work and live.

The objectives of this program are to ensure systems and tools are available and configured, guarantee workflows and business processes are optimized and consistent, assure staff is trained, and provide guaranteed ongoing support, monitoring, and coaching.

How do we do this? With our Value Program methodology that will:

  • Configure: To ensure tools are configured to support goals and needs;
  • Align workflow: To ensure workflows are optimized and consistent across the organization;
  • Train: To ensure staff is adequately trained on all business processes they touch, and;
  • Provide ongoing support: Ensure ongoing support, monitoring, and coaching is provided to achieve desired outcomes.

Contact your Customer Success Manager today to see if one of these Value Programs is right for you.


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