International Keynote Speaker

Vinh Giang

Are you ready to feel inspired and empowered?

For more than 15 years, Vinh Giang has pursued his passion for magic, leaving audiences entertained and in disbelief.

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Vinh is one of the world’s top keynote speakers. Each year he travels around the world speaking to over 100,000 people at 80 unforgettable events. His goal is to encourage his audience to take life and career changing action. To inspire them, lift them up, and help them find the solutions that set success in motion.

Vinh knows that what happens on stage is not about him, it’s about the audience. It’s about the life-changing lessons he’s learned and sharing them in a way that transforms people.

“As a keynote speaker, I don’t put myself on the pedestal. I put the lessons that have made me who I am on the pedestal, because that means if I can learn them, so can you.”

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